The On Writing Anthology

The steps to becoming a popular author wouldn’t be much different for any artistic pursuit. This website now contains articles, pages and books, which are relevant to all four stages of becoming a popular author.

1. Love writing

There is much that can inspire our love for writing. As writers, we can create worlds; bring our characters to life; experience the joy of words blessing us; reveal and curate ideas; take up a vorpal sword against the things we hate; as well as have our sheer egoism satisfied.

2. Write, and show your work to your friends until they start avoiding you

A new writer may only have a presence among their friends and family, and this could be the only people that will read their work. The zeitgeist is always changing. Our writing style should be original and give our books their takeaways. How we do this should be part of our promise to our readers, but is hard to do if nobody is critiquing our writing.

3. Find something you love almost as much as writing and write about it.

Use your author’s style or your voice to write your masterpiece. Your style and your voice are what evokes the feelings of reading your book. It is the quality that makes your writing unique. A unique author’s voice is vital in fiction and essential in non-fiction.

4. Market your book.

A successful author has a big presence in a reading community. This big presence makes marketing for them different from marketing for a new writer. A new writer will need to learn how to re4ach out to people they don’t Know

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