The Pinnacle is a long climb.

Trekkers climbing to a pinnacle
The pinnacle is a long climb and there’s often only room for one, but if it’s all you want…

I wanted to write a blog about success, and I guess that my photo and what I wrote about it, is about success, but success can be so much more than being at the pinnacle. The success of a journey can just be to achieve a goal; find you mission or just find yourself. The most important thing is to start.

Mina Gulii embarked on a mission to run 100 marathons around the world in 100 days to open doors to young people to encourage them to use water more sustainably. Despite being saddled with a severe injury, she continued to press on with her journey to raise awareness about the global water crisis. By the end of her campaign, her supporters had collectively run more than 810 marathons in her honor and 1,631 follow her on twitter. In her journey to her pinnacle, she had many people join her. How can that not be a great success?

Mina Guli finishes the 100th Marathon

I have been told that Guli is an exception, success almost invariably means money, and writers rarely make enough money to support themselves, let alone look successful. So, can writers hope to be successful? I like people reading my stuff and love to create outlandish characters, put them in bizarre situations and find the beauty in them. If I can open doors and get people to come together on a shared journey, as Guli did, I will consider my writing a great success.

By Kenneth Vickery

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