The Lascar’s Dagger by Glenda Larke

The Lascar’s Dagger: The Forsaken Lands by Glenda Larke is a book that takes the reader to a stimulating and spiritual world of swords and horses. Saker, her main protagonist, is thrown into the conflict between human materialism and spiritual forces, which are protecting the natural environment.

I think our world would be kinder when it can have a black, female Pope. Saker works for a female Pope, who is from a minority group, but his world is still cruel and divisive.  He uses his position as a simple priest, to spy for his Pope. The Pope entreaties him to keep a low profile and not get into fights or disputes but despite his best efforts, trouble always finds him.

Glenda’s book is fast-paced and populated with fascinating characters. It was a lovely summer read.

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