Take A Break From Life’s Demands With Write Tuesday

We have held three Write Tuesday sessions so far. They have given my writing friends a break from life’s demands.

There are no demands to be punctual or leave on time, except I’m not going to give you lunch. Having “Tuesdays with Kenneth” was started because many of my writing friends have found it hard to turn off the rest of the world to write.

This is one of the spaces used for Write Tuesday.

The meeting lasts for about two hours. in the middle of two writing sessions we have allocated twenty minutes for a chat and coffee, (well we have kept it to thirty minutes once).

In the chat, sharing work has happen, but no-one will compel you.

Let me know if you can make any of the session times below. The times are subject to the lockdown. For more information or to register click here. If you would like to be on the mail out list for Write Tuesday, please follow the link and book a place.

By Kenneth Vickery

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