Red Rising: Red Rising Series 1, by Pierce Brown

Red Rising is an edgy science fiction story of love and revenge. It is like ‘The Hunger Games’ only with more masculine themes. In some parts, it is hard to put down and it’s always very readable. It has all the elements for a movie version. I think when we go to Mars, we are unlikely to take horses and swords, even though they look good in movies.

I found Pierce’s depictions of love, leadership, and cruelty to be my take-aways from his book and I liked how he didn’t leave me without hope. It is not a book that will stay in my memory for long, but I did enjoy reading ‘Red Rising‘.

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  1. My son loved this book so much he went out and bought me a copy. I loved Brown’s interpretation of a stratified society and how people are compliant to a totalitarian regime until something, seemingly routine, tips the balance. I loved the way families leave things unsaid, they are not secret just drowned out by the dominant dynamic and are such a surprise when revealed. I enjoyed Red Rising.

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