How to Publish an eBook – a review


Kenneth presenting

Andrew J Harvey and I ran this workshop at the Bassendean Library. We got to meet some fascinating new people as well as a couple of old friends. We were hoping that the workshop would give the participants the confidence to venture into the enormous massless playground that is the internet. It was a surprise to participants how much they could do to promote their brand and eventually their book.

Andrew presenting

In the feedback, it was suggested that the workshop should run for longer and involve more group discussion. I hope that now we have established links with each other that the discussion between us can continue. They were all great people to spend time with.

My takeaway from the workshop is that I need to get better at reviewing books and promoting them on my website. I’d love to read and review the work of any of the participants when they’re ready.

I have also used Calibre (because it’s free) to convert my short fiction from DOCX to PDF and EPUB and I now have eight stories on my website in three formats, which includes MP3.


If you were unable to attend, but are interested in the content, Andrew and I have published an eBook called “How to publish an eBook” To get this eBook click here for Smashwords or here for Goodreads.


Andrew J Harvey
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Andrew J Harvey is the founder and principal of Hague Publishing, an independent publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy (see following). In addition to writing and/or editing a number of public reports for Parliament, Andrew has been a Principal for the Davies Literary Agency, editor and publisher of The Western Australian Year Book, and editor and writer for Afterlife – the on-line magazine for Atmosphere users.

Andrew’s first adult SF novel, Nightfall (Book 1 in the Clemhorn trilogy), was published by Zmok Books in February 2019. The second book in the trilogy, Nadir, will be released January 2020. The first three books in The Portal Adventures (a series of young adult/middle grade SF) will be released by Peasantry Press in the first half of 2020, with Trouble on Teral to be released on 10 January.

Kenneth Vickery

 Kenneth Vickery is a new writer, self-publishing e-Books, and looking for a way to engage in marketing to increase his presence as an author. He realises that getting a published work to find the love and acclimation it deserves, will require delving into marketing, which he is trying to do without losing his creative goals. Kenneth writes fiction and published Poppy in September 2018 and Bolas Buys in April 2019. His next fiction novel is due out in February 2020. He also documents his literary journey in his blogs and is looking to publish short fiction he has posted on his website.


HOW TO PUBLISH AN EBOOK, with Andrew J Harvey presenting to (from left to right) John McAuliffe, Michael Charles, Julie Nelson, and Jason Zane.

By Kenneth Vickery

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