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Writers must get out there and attract a community. The zeitgeist is always changing. The ideas we curate in our writing should be original and give our book its takeaways. How we do this should be part of our promise to our readers.

I was just calling to keep in touch

I hope the trend for stories about strong men with swords and horses is coming to an end and the trend for strong female characters with intelligence and technology has started. When I say this to my friends and they don’t scoff, I might be right. And how else could I know?

When we are ready to publish, we should position our pitch just in front of a developing trend. Our pitch should promote both our brand and the edge of the book (the unique selling point). This will be much easier if we have a well-developed promise to our readers and know what our book’s takeaways are.

Hemmingway did this without the internet when he went to Paris. Joining bohemia in Paris may not be an option for us, but now the internet gives us many other ways we can create a community. Some of the opportunities will suit us, and our creative goals.

I hope the ideas on this website will be a useful part of your journey and help.

I’d love to hear from you and not just because it’s good marketing. Hemmingway going to Paris was not just good for his writing. It must have been great to mix with many people like you there. It isn’t Paris, but I’d love to meet you here, or if you prefer, send me the airfare for Paris.