Bolas buys By Kenneth R Vickery

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Book Title Bolas buys   By Kenneth R Vickery  
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Anyone who has read the brilliant Poppy, by Kenneth Vickery will know how adept this author is at creating larger than life characters so rounded they step off the page. Bolus Buys is the story of the aftermath of Sir Martin Haldane’s sudden death. His unexpected departure leaves his tentacular business matters in turmoil and as everyone tries to outwit one another, keep the peace, gain the upper hand and prevent mayhem (sometimes all four at once) the ghost of Sir Martin watches on, sometimes with apoplectic rage, sometimes with distaste, and sometimes with pain. Sir Martin was not much loved in life, and in death he’s not much loved either. Nevertheless, this unattractive despot had one saving grace; his enormous love for his daughter Boadie… It’s this love that will be his salvation as he watches his Machiavellian plans unravel.
Can Sir Martin reform, even after death? Not on your life! And yet his insubstantial heart comes to peace as the apparently ineffectual but warm-hearted Kim proves every bit as complex as his unlamented employer. Sent from On Books and Writing

By Kenneth Vickery

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