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Books have many doors

This website is for people who want books and writing to open doors to different and bizarre situations, outlandish characters, and challenging ideas. It is not for the sort of lazy bigots who think the earth is flat, global warming is a myth, and protecting a country’s borders from refugees improves our security.

Sharing in the journey

To help books to grab readers and open doors, you are invited to share work among people who also love story.

Kenneth wishes to thank the Tale Blazers, and in particular, Jean Foster, who has been his writing buddy for most of his literary journey. He thanks Andrew J Harvey and the Bassendean Writers’ Group as well.


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Getting books to grab a reader

Join Kenneth

You are invited to join Kenneth in one to the groups and the events. more...

Finding beauty in his characters is part of Kenneth's joy in books and writing. It often lets him embrace social issues from a new and humorous perspective. In the way of speculative fiction, his books don’t have much gritty realism. This is because he reflects what we could be, rather than what we are. If he can open doors to include people in our shared journey, he will consider his writing has obtained the pinnacle of success.

Kenneth's characters, for example, have driven stories that are thrillers, sea changes, ghost stories, and science fiction. He admits he's a bit of a tart. His stories contrast creativity, love, loyalty, and kindness, with fear, greed, anger, and hatred.

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